söndag 10 juni 2007

Europeans Jews: Inför sanktioner mot Israel!

I samband med det 40:e året av Israels ockupation av Palestina kräver European Jews for a Just Peace att Israel påläggs sanktioner.

EJJP calls for a bold European initiative for a just peace in the Middle East

Executive Summary of the Resolution adopted by the 5th Annual Convention of European Jews for a Just Peace, Berlin, 1 - 3 June 2007

We are meeting in Berlin on the eve of the 40th anniversary of Israel's military occupation of the Palestinian Territories, to demonstrate our concern at the indif-ference of the EU and the G8 nations - meeting in Heiligendamm under the German Presidency - towards Israeli violations of international law and the plight of the Palestinians.

We hold successive Israeli governments responsible for contravening international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention on a daily basis.

We hold the international community responsible for its failure to implement any effective sanctions against these Israeli breaches of international law. We further hold it responsible for condoning the Israeli refusal to accept the decisions of the International Court of Justice with respect to the illegality of the route of the Wall.

We condemn the policy of double standards applied by the United States and by the European Union (EU) to Israel on one hand and to the Palestinian Authority (PA) on the other - with regard to funding, use of violence and freedom of movement - and of riding roughshod over the democratic institutions of the Palestinian Authority.

We believe this policy of double standards is putting Jews in Israel and indeed all over the world at great risk.

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is the central one in the region. Israeli policies over the last sixty years bear a major responsibility for fanning the flames of political, ethnic, and religious extremism. It affects us all.

We call on the European Council to

>>end its collective punishment of the Palestinian people since January 2006 by recognizing and backing the Palestinian Unity Government;

>>demand of Israel that it transfer Palestinian tax and customs revenues it is withholding to the PA;

>>compel Israel to free imprisoned Palestinian ministers and MPs immediately - as well as all other political prisoners;

>>urge a positive response from Israel to the recently reaffirmed Saudi Arabian Peace initiative of the Arab League;

>>apply sanctions to bring about an end to the Israeli occupation.

Läs också Anna Wester som skriver om Amnestys rapport i samband med fyrtioårsdagen av ockupationen.

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